An adviser who will guide you Buying a home, condo or any type of property is an important decision. It is essential that you be well advised and, above all, well protected. A real estate broker is the professional to turn to for a successful transaction that provides peace of mind, a sense of security

2017, april 17

A real estate transaction is a complicated and detailed process that requires solid knowledge of the real estate market and a skilful talent for negotiation. Why not use a real estate broker to take care of all the details for you? When selling your home, your real estate broker will conduct a thorough analysis of

2014, february 07

Should I buy or sell first? First assess the market situation. Is it a buyer’s market? If so, it might be harder to sell your home at a fair price in timely fashion. If it’s a sellers’ market, the risk of ending up with two houses is not too probable. Ask your realtor to give

2014, january 21